Tuesday, July 3, 2012

New Poems

wooden body
steel strings
twisty machines
bone pegs
folk songs
rock music
rhythm and blues
metal frets 
good friend

running children
loud voices
happy hearts
dusty shoes
dirty knees
flying balls
swinging ropes
climbing bars
loud whistle

Casting carefully
looking meticulously
trolling slowly
selecting craftily
grabbing carefully
holding proudly
releasing kindly


Chirping Mournfully
Summer is over and gone
Last songs of summer

Shiny black in fields
Jumping lazily along
Happy summer dance

Antennae swirling
Gathering information
Exploring their world

Six-legged wonders
Crawling, hopping, leaping high
Amazing black bugs

Red is apples on a fall tree
Gifts of fruit for you and me
Red is anger in a cold heart
Red means STOP and a strawberry tart
Red is blood - it gives us life
Red is war, evil, strife

Old Guitar
With taped up case and rusted locks
Much more than strings and a wooden box
It tells of friends from times long past
Of love so strong and meant to last
Lullabies sung deep in the night
To sooth small boys who woke in fright
Sing at the beach and the sandy shore
Or in my room and the wooden floor
On that humid porch as insects sing
At the bottom of the hill in that old swing

Marvelous mysterious melodies made
Using wonderfully crafted devices
Seeking beauty
In my
Careful fingers

Anger and

Racing to the
End to find
Answers to questions and 
Inside characters and events
Now I must 
Get another book

Heron Day
down on the porch
high up in the trees
not a leaf is stirring
for there is no breeze
morning fog is rolling
into the valley below
it's pouring like a liquid
thick and sweet and slow
I see a faint shape moving
in that mass of cloud
a great blue heron breaks through
it's voice is clear and loud
pulling fog behind it
as it makes its way
then on into the valley
it starts its heron day


1 comment:

Chris Hass said...

Have I mentioned to you how much I dislike acrostics? Ha, not yours though. They read like a poem rather than a list of adjectives - my pet peave.

I love the "Old Guitar" poem. It was my favorite. Your nice collection here reminds me I should be better about stepping outside of my comfort zone and try writing more poetry. The same is true of songwriting. Each time you write a song, my favorite of your more recent ones is the ABC song, I think to myself I should really do that, too.

Ah, someday! Until then I have a new idea for a second blog that I'm really excited about because it's something new that I think will be fun. I posted it on my blog.