Sunday, July 8, 2012

A Boy In Summer

When I was a kid, the beginning of summer was something so special.  For one thing, summer lasted forever.  The possibilities of unrestricted fun were limitless.  My parents wanted us outside which was fine with me.  We were so entirely free.  This little poem is an attempt to capture that feeling.

A Boy In Summer

Summer for the young
Stretches out into forever
Each day is endless freedom
T-shirts and shorts
And sandals if you need 'em

Waking up into a day 
Of almost too many choices
Of meadow flowers and garter snakes
But if your parents catch you
Perhaps a garden rake

And if the day is hot
And you droop beneath the sun
You get yourself to a swimming hole
And find some worms 
And a fishing pole

Every day is an adventure
You start out with no plan
There are endless possibilities
Riding bikes and playing ball
And always climbing trees

Shadows grow long
Parents' voices ring out
Dinnertime brings sweet sorrow
Crickets sing, you make new plans
'Cause there will always be tomorrow

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