Monday, July 9, 2012



The waxing gibbous moon is setting
Deep in the night I'm not forgetting
A love once young
Long since begun
Has vanished with the setting sun

The cricket's tune is mournful and long
I sit in darkness and hum along
A challenging test
There will be no rest
A painful tightness in my chest

Alone under the starry sky
Confused and empty, too tired to cry
Our time is past
It couldn't last
Why did it have to go so fast?

Yesterday's over, today's not begun
I wait in the gray for the rising sun
This time between
Is not what it seems
Too late for sleep, too tired for dreams

When daylight's colors reach across
We'll know the truth and feel the loss
The colors dance
A lost romance
No waiting for a second chance


Chris Hass said...

Is this written from the perspective of a character in a book you're reading? A song you love? Movie you've seen? A story form a sibling or friend? That is a really, really sad piece.

I think it's the most beautiful of any of the poems of yours I've read. It'd make an awfully good song.

Nic said...

Tim, do you set your words to music? If you don't I would really like to. I pretend I am a musician and have a soundcloud page thing. It would be lovely to hear this in song. :) N