Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Photos part 1

A while ago, my friend Chris began a photo blog using ordinary pictures from life.  I liked the idea.  You can get a steady stream of observations out there from every day experiences.  No muss, not much fuss.  Also, you can leave a lot of the interpretation up to the viewer.  I thought I might try my hand at it for a while - mixed in with other longer ramblings about politics, teacher life, poetry, memoir, and, hopefully, more acts of fiction.

If you want to see real photographs, taken by talented photographers on a regular basis, check out An Instant Out of Time and The Daily Grind.  These folks will school you about great photography.  My posts will be nothing like theirs.  Just little snaps of a life.

Here are a few recent pics from the phone camera.

No offense, and I hope that this doesn't give too much away about my character, but does this make you want to jump improperly?  And what gives with the quotes?  Was this from someone's famous speech or something?

Just a little shot with my Duck Bros.  We met at a Bass Pro Shop.  We pretty much see eye-to-eye on everything.

Here are three little takes on the same bumper/window sticker genre.

OK, Mom, Dad, 5 kids.  Probably 4 boys.  They kept trying until they had a little girl.  Score!  Bless Mom's heart.  Very Christian.  Wants the world to know.

Mom, Dad.  My friend Chris suggested that the older kid probably died.  One surviving child.  A dog and a cat.

May favorite of the genre.

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