Saturday, July 20, 2013

Rally For Trayvon

I went to the rally for Trayvon with Heidi today.  It was downtown in Columbia, SC.  About 6 or 8 thousand people met at the Carolina State House.  We listened to speeches, sang "Amazing Grace" then marched to the federal courhouse where we held hands and sang "We Shall Overcome".

I won't write a great deal about it.  Let me just say that I was glad that I was wearing shades because I shed a lot of tears.  I took pictures.  Lots.  I sorted through them and will share mainly the ones with text.  T-shirts and signs.  I think they tell a lot.


Melanie Bardin said...

I had some friends that also attended the rally. I wanted to come down, but wasn't able to make the trip this time. These pictures are great and really do speak volumes. Thanks for sharing!

Suzanne Odell said...

I have got to start blogging again regularly. I thought about this topic so intensely....the demonizing of victims...but only those society is fearful of. I have plenty of affluent, white friends whose teens have gotten involved with drugs experimentally, with alcohol, with law-breaking activities, failing in school, being in places they do not need to be in at times when it would be "socially unacceptable" to be there for any good reason....they have made mistakes. But they have never been killed for those mistakes and IF, God forbid, IF there were, the same friends in my social circles would never think to justify the killing by demonizing the child. Because affluent white teens are not threatening to them. As a society, we absolutely must stop that kind of behavior and mentality. That child was murdered, plain and simple. And it does not matter what kind of student he was, or what kind of trouble he may be been into in the past.....all of that is completely irrelevant to what transpired that night. Mr. Zimmerman wasn't weighing those issues at the time trying to justify his actions. The media pulled that out and surface thinking individuals clung to it passionately to justify why it was OK for that young man to die. Because they see themselves as Zimmerman and want the assurance that they are justified in their own prejudices....rather than seeing young Trayvon as their son...their own imperfect, mistake-making son. Black, White, Asian....whatever.