Friday, July 19, 2013

Liz Cheney!?

I don't know about you, but I have heard/read the term 'do nothing' used in the same sentence as 'congress' too many times lately.  I guess the reason we feel like Congress isn't accomplishing much is, well, because it isn't.

So, how does this House stack up against past years when it comes to productivity? Not so well, according to the new Vital Statistics on Congress, which shows that the 112th Congress passed just 561 bills, the lowest number since they began keeping these stats way back in 1947. (

Although there does seem to be some hope just recently, right?  The senate passed an immigration bill last month.  President Obama is starting to be able to get in some cabinet appointment nominees as there was a deal to end the filibustering.  Our senior senator from SC, Lindsey Graham, suggested a bi-partisan group was going to try to end the sequester.  Progress right?  Small steps in the right direction, right?  

Liz Cheney want to put an end to all of that silly compromise.  She's running for senate in Wyoming and her stated goal is "In my view, obstructing President Obama's policies and his agenda isn't actually obstruction; it's patriotism."  (

In other words, she proudly wants to do more nothing... in the name of patriotism.  Seriously, "Vote for me and I'll do more nothing," may as well be her campaign slogan.  Her opponent (a very conservative Republican named Mike Enzi) is known to work behind the scenes with Democrats to get necessary and important work done.  Liz Cheney would stop all of that.  "Instead of cutting deals with the president's allies in Congress, we can be opposing them every step of the way." (  What scares me is that Ms. Cheney thinks that she can win that way.  She thinks enough Americans are so partisan that they would be willing to not accomplish anything through compromise to send some kind of convoluted message that not working together at all is better for the country, that not accomplishing anything through agreement is a sign of weakness, a copout,  despite the ill effects to our nation.  

As of a few hours ago Enzi is ahead of Cheney in the polls by 34 points.  (  Apparently some people still think that it's still patriotic to work together to get things done for our country.  I'm thankful for that.

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