Saturday, May 18, 2013

People My Age

When I first heard this song, maybe 15 years ago, I thought it was kind of cute, kind of funny.  After all, I was about 40 - not quite of the age when it hit home.  When I sang it for friends or when I played out with my buddy Pete, it got more laughs than just about anything we sang.  Well, laughs may not be quite the correct word.  Snickers, guffaws, grunts, chuckles.  Because the words, what's pleasant in the darkness - is plain scary in the light isn't all that funny when you reach a certain age.  

Of course I AM that age now, and laughing at myself and my age-mates is totally appropriate.  What gravity's ruined they try to fix with a knife.  

John Gorka is not that famous, but he has a small but devoted following.  I have never seen him in person, but I have a bunch of his music.  It is wonderful stuff.  Some political, some personal, some heartbreaking, some just wise.  It's funny when you listen to him speak in the video below because he is one of those whose speaking voice doesn't seem to match his baritone singing voice.  Check out more of his music.  It's brilliant.

People my age
Have started looking gross
I cannot say all
And I shouldn't say most
I've seen 'em in the grocery
I've seen 'em up close
And People my age
Have started looking gross

People my age
Are showing some wear
There's holes where their teeth was
And their heads have gone bare
Their brains are shrinking
Faces sinking into fat
And as for the mirror
We won't be looking into that

People my age
Have started looking gross
Maybe not in Colorado
Or up the Silicon Coast
Back in Pennsylvania
I'd eat scrapple on toast
Those were my first steps
On the road to looking gross

People my age
Are looking overripe
Some are getting operations
To tighten up what ain't tight
What gravity's ruined
They try to fix with a knife
What's pleasant in the darkness
Is plain scary in the light


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