Friday, August 27, 2010

Back To Rwanda

Back three years ago to that magical trip to the heart of Africa, to that notebook that started as a long letter and never knew it would be a blog When I first posted this my sister wrote, "How did these people learn to smile again? Now that is an example of real human strength." I agree. After what happened to their country, after a genocide in which over a million people were killed, How could one learn to smile again? I think it had a lot to do with the children. No single group is more resilient than the children...

I wrote this after visiting the Kigali Genocide Memorial.


The Kigali memorial is on the side of a hill. Looking down and across the valley you see very poor homes. Row on row, corrugated roofs packed tightly together. When we think of the poor in America it really isn’t like this. As we drove down the winding hill and through the streets people were everywhere. Women in brightly colored wraps carrying firewood on their heads, children in ragged clothes playing soccer with something – not a soccer ball. One old man with no eyes being lovingly led by a very little one, maybe five or six. Well dressed people too. Business suits, colorful shirts and blouses, high heels. Such a wide assortment. Just like everywhere I suppose. Most seem happy. That big old smile was everywhere. So many smiles here. Among the many unforgettable images that smile is the best.

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