Friday, August 27, 2010

Aimable's House

Immaculee, Aimable and Ryan

We went to Immaculee’s brother Aimable’s house (uh-mob-lay) after the memorial. His wife, Souda (sp?) and their little two year old boy, Ryan, just spent six weeks with Immaculee in NYC. Their reunion was wonderful. Aimable is a vet and has taken the week off to spend with us. He was the sole survivor among Immaculee's family. He is quiet and laid back. He and Souda have another child on the way. We hung out at their house with neighborhood kids flocking over to see us. We had Fantas (soda) and decompressed after going to the Genocide Memorial. I went outside and took a few pictures of the kids from the neighborhood and Ryan. Immaculee’s older daughter Nikki is also with us. She seems happy to be here if a little disinterested in the goings on of the adults. I think she is ten or eleven. Aimable is very hospitable and, of course, enjoys Immaculee’s presence. He is quite accepting and encouraging. I think Immaculee has only come with one other group of Americans before and I sense that they were a little afraid of everything.

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