Monday, January 16, 2017

God Bless John Lewis

God Bless John Lewis

“I believe in forgiveness.”

I get that. Totally. If someone punched you in the gut. Even if he did it on purpose. One could possibly forgive that person. But could you do it while the person was punching you? What if the person kept on punching?  Can you forgive someone who is punching you, has a history of punching others and has proven that he just won’t stop?

Can you forgive a person who punches people who are less able to defend themselves? Can you forgive a person who punches freely, without fear of any reprisal, whom you know will keep on punching, and kicking, and who will get others to do it for him as long as he possibly can?

The closer we get to inauguration day, the scarier this whole thing becomes. Trump's cabinet choices demonstrate how he has no regard for our political system, no intentions of placing people who would do a decent job of representing the people’s interests.

Rex Tillerson for Secretary of State. Could there be a worse pick? He is the ex-chairman for Exxon Mobil, has extremely close ties to Putin. In the past has been a climate change skeptic, but may be willing to change his tune for a shot at this job. He just acted dumb about foreign policy questions during his hearing. He is openly ignorant about foreign policy. You would have thought he could bone up for the interview, right?

Ben Carson for the director of HUD? It would be funny if it weren’t so apparently ignorant. Carson didn’t want the position. Admitted that he had no experience or knowledge of what to do. Probably doesn’t know what HUD stands for.

Michael Flynn for National Security Advisor. He lost his job in part for giving classified information to Pakistan. Trust issues?

Trump wants Linda McMahon to be in charge of the Small Business Administration She is an executive from World Wrestling Entertainment. Her qualifications? Promoting fake wrestling. Make sense?

Mike Pompeo as Director of the CIA. He called those at the CIA who participated in torture “heroes, not pawns in some liberal game being played by the ACLU and [former intelligence committee chair] Senator [Dianne] Feinstein”. (

Rick Perry for the EPA! Kidding, right? Nope! The same Rick Perry who in a debate, forgot the name of this department as one he would get rid of. This department. A climate change denier in charge of the the Environmental Protection Agency he wanted to eliminate?!

Betsy DeVos who has spent all of her energy in education undermining public schools. She’s the pick to head the Department of Education. Seriously?

Sarah Palin in charge of the Veterans Administration? Sarah Palin in charge of anything?

So when Donald Trump tweeted that John Lewis needs to stick to his own business, and that he is failing to help his own district, I thought – Donald Trump isn’t worthy to be in the same room as John Lewis. John Lewis has spent his entire life helping others. He risked his life to do so. He has always stood up for the common man, the poor, the oppressed. The only person Trump has stood up for is himself, his only cause is to make more money.

So God Bless John Lewis. Between him and Donald J. Trump, which one do you think is the patriot?


Ruth Anne O'Keefe said...

God bless John Lewis. No, I cannot imagine forgiving. But John Lewis has always been a bigger person than I.

The Dashboard Poet said...

It's been a long while. I miss your thoughts. Come back to us!

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