Sunday, January 4, 2015

The Camera in My Pocket

I've said before what a great thing it is to have a phone in your pocket all the time with a camera.  Some days I don't make any calls at all but I rarely go a day without taking a picture.  So maybe it's a camera with a phone attached.  It's not a great camera - although they get better all the time.  But you can do a lot with them.  I'm going to include a few shots that have been littering my desktop so I can clear the deck.  This is not great photography.  I know that.  It's just being in the right place at the right time - with a camera in my pocket.

A dewy little argiope we watched until she 
was great with eggs.

We are loaded with bumble bees.  I've never been stung 
by one but we hang out together all the time.

They seem to like just about every flower 
we have to offer.

For several days we were in the migratory 

flight path of these monarchs.  They were all 
over the lantana.

Another butterfly we see regularly is 
the spicebush swallowtail.

How lucky was I to catch this wolf spider 
covered with her youngsters?

These little guys are regular visitors to our 

hydrangeas and hang out near the 
lights at night for easy prey.

Here are a couple lucky shots of a dolphin in Charleston.

Finally, I took this little one's picture 

downtown while
waiting for a haircut.  

There are examples of technology that I haven't quite gotten used to yet.  My friends will tell you that I need to answer emails more regularly and by the time I get on Facebook it will be old fashioned.  Oh wait, I may have already missed the boat on that.  But I will always be glad for the camera in my pocket.


Nic E said...

Happy new year to you and Heidi! Sorry for being a bad blog friend (again). It's lovely to see you taking snaps and appropriate as I was coming over to say hello and also to say that I have a new blog, which you'll find here.

Pop by and say hello now and again. :) N

The Dashboard Poet said...

I'm a big fan of the Monarch butterfly. Awesome pics! I'll send you a few chapters of The Bone Tree if you'll give me your e-mail address. Your critical review would be much appreciated.
It's cool that you recommended the Josey Wales series, as I just bought the 1st volume. I have yet to begin reading it though. I discovered, when I read something of that genre, I subconsciously adopt that writers style!
I wish we could have a cup of coffee and an extended conversation.
Happy New Year, Tim!

Ruth Anne O'Keefe said...

Thanks! I am glad you carry a little camera in your pocket.