Tuesday, April 8, 2014


Do yourself a favor and watch.  So much of our lives seem to be about the opposite.  Looking our for number one, working against the other guy to get ahead.  If we spent just a little more effort giving, we would receive so much more.  My class is working on a fundraiser for Harvest Hope Food Bank.  While preparing our presentation for a conference last week, my students and I pored through our writings and they condensed thoughts about giving, thankfulness, caring;  their thoughts to me about what they think of the project.  I am so humbled to work with littles.  

"The day people stop looking out for themselves first will be the end of the world. "
author unknown

If that's true, then the end won't be so bad as we may think.  


Emily said...

The video shows such small moments with such great value. Our commitments to one another really do produce such great returns over time. That was the fun part for me, watching the relationships that the dude built flourish with each small act. It is so wonderful to see the small acts of kindness generate such love and such a beautiful life for him. It is so much greater to "witness happiness" and to let it connect us than it is to be that sad man in the store who is disappointed with the main character's generosity. Sad Man stays isolated.

Littles do seem find opportunities to help others and generate love so well within supportive conditions. Thank you for dedicating your self, effort, and time to making sure the conditions in your spaces support such a commitment to compassion.

Lately the Universe seems to be continually sending me the message that relationships and communities are built each time we seize even tiny opportunities for kindness, giving, inclusion, compassion, grace, strength, and love. Thanks for being a consistent conduit for this message in my life.

Emily said...

Also…hope your travels were safe today and that you're able to get some rest and feel better this week. Happy Spring Break!

Cary Allen said...

While I was watching that video it got really dusty in the room where I'm sitting, Made my eyes water. Weird.