Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Notes From Kids

At the end of a lot of days in my 3rd grade classroom I am a little disappointed in myself.  I have a tendency to rush things.  I know I shouldn't, but often, we work just a little too long.  I read a story for one extra page, let the kids work on a project just one more minute than I should before pulling the plug and getting the room cleaned up, chairs up for the custodian, pencils off the floor, books put away.

So, after traffic circle, I am the one who puts the chairs up and picks up pencils and paper scraps.  Occasionally though, there is gold there.  I the last week, I found these four little notes on the floor.  I am sure there is a large back story for all of these, but I think they stand well by themselves as well.  

The names were changed to protect the innocent...

Steven, you are a good friend to me.  You are too cool for words.  Want to play at recess?

Dear Brianne,
You are not annoying.  
I like you.
Not like like.
But as a friend.  
From Terry

Dear Beth,
I am so sorry that your friend died.
But remember she will be in your heart.
Your BFF

Dear Corey,
I am sorry that I was leaving you out.
I was not trying to.  It's just that I was playing a fun game and I wanted to play that game again.
But I could have played with you instead of playing that game.  If you are feeling left out or not happy that I am not playing with you, tell me if you want and I will understand.  I will play with you if you want me to play with you today.
Your friend, Dara Lyn
P.S. Not trying to make you feel bad, but I did not like how you were mimicking me, not listening to me and saying that I did not hear anything.


Nic E said...

Much nicer than finding a 'I hate Mr TO'K', eh? As if that would happen. I used to have a chuckle at hilarious misspellings. I should have been concerned about it, but it made me laugh too much.

I've been the worst blog friend ever. Please forgive me.

Melanie Bardin said...

What great little treasures to find!