Saturday, June 29, 2013


I enjoy observing how people want others to know who they are and what they stand for through their use of stickers.  I've posted about this before.  On one driving trip up north, I tried to jot down some of the funnier ones I've seen.  Windshields and bumpers are the perfect place to put yourself out there.  As people drive by they get to know who you voted for (OBAMA/BIDEN), who you despise (IMPEACH OBAMA), what your causes are (AUTISM, SUPPORT, EDUCATE, ADVOCATE), occupation (TEACHERS DO IT WITH CLASS, PART-TIME ORGANIC CHEMIST/FULL TIME NINJA), hobbies (LIVE LOVE SURF), animals (I HEART MY WEINER DOG), places (I'D RATHER BE IN VIRGINIA), etc.

I have bee taking some pictures lately with my phone camera - SAFELY at stop lights.

I liked this one.  It's simple.  How could you argue with LOVE YOUR MOTHER?  Although I'm sure there are some who advocate the opposite at some level, you probably wouldn't see a sticker with LET'S TAKE ALL WE NEED FROM OUR MOTHER AND LET OUR CHILDREN DEAL WITH IT.  The Hawaiian turtles are a nice touch as well.  Single parent?  Three kids?  

It's interesting to see two seemingly opposing stickers on the same vehicle.  For example, I saw one with a Tinkerbell the other day.

Kind of sweet, right?  The family has probably driven to Disney World.  Surely they have kids and had a nice time.  The had their pictures made with Cinderella and Mickey Mouse, rode in those little teacups you see on TV.  On the other side of the glass was a SLAYER sticker.  I didn't get a photo of it with my iphone, but I it had a skull with its jaws open and blood spatters all over.  It was wearing a Nazi helmet from WWII and had the word SLAYER across the front of the helmet in blood red.  It just struck me as an interesting combo.

Another interesting blend of expressions was on the back of an SUV I pulled behind.

89.7 is our local contemporary Christian music station.  It's hard to read, but their slogan is family friendly.  And it is.  Christian pop with happy, friendly DJs (or whatever they are called these days) with a few brief testimonies thrown in.

On the other side was this proud display.  I'm not saying there is a mix of views presented here.  I'm pretty sure that Jesus would have been an NRA member and carried a concealed Glock.  I mean, one never knows, right?  I'm sure that whole 'turn the other cheek' thing was taken out of context.

Here's a sticker that has a lot going on...

With this one, you have the high heel of a mature, classy woman.  Someone with taste and flair.  The heart - the universal love symbol.  The two nine millimeters (or whatever) form the V.  This expression is complex.  Love at the shooting range?  His and hers killing machines?  Or is it an invitation - something like, looking for love with someone who also enjoys small arms.

This next one is sort of the counter to the previous gun stickers.

You've got to enjoy the freedom of living in a free country where people can express themselves openly.  The yin, the yang.  The contradictory and diametrically opposed driving right behind each other in theoretical harmony.   No lie, the other day I was at a light in downtown Lexington, SC (fumbling for my phone - no pictures, alas, the traffic started moving).  Right in front of me was a bumper sticker that read "DON'T BLAME ME, I VOTED FOR THE AMERICAN".  In the right lane (right next to the DON'T BLAME ME guy) was a bumper sticker that read ANOTHER OLD WHITE WOMAN FOR OBAMA.  Ah, America.  You gotta love all this freedom of expression.  


Scott and Malisa Johnson said...

I JUST put a new sticker on my car, not two hours ago. Fascinating. Its just a sticker that reminds us of a beach we like to visit. I used to know a girl who had a "Join the party" republican elephant on one side of her bumper, and a "Save Tibet" sticker on the other. I'm not saying Republicans don't want to save Tibet, but I did find it ironic somehow that of all the stickers the world has to offer, those are the two that found a home together on her car.

I also wonder about mini-vans like mine that display every activity their children do. We have a CFI magnet, and a swim magnet. But some cars look like they have twenty different activities that the car goes to every week. I don't know if I should feel inadequate, or just exhausted looking at all the places the family goes. :)

Chris Hass said...

Look at you using that new-ish phone in parking lots and behind the wheel. Don't kill yourself. Did you know you can send photos straight from your phone to your blog? That might be a way for me to resurrect my photo-a-day blog from last summer. Of course, I first need to resurrect my primary blog. Hopefully later today!

I love bumper stickers yet don't particularly care for putting them on my own car. We have an Appalachian Trail Conservancy sticker and that's it. If I could choose any other one, though, it'd be the MEAN PEOPLE SUCK one from about twenty years ago. Or maybe the Darwin fish with legs. There have been times I've seen one I liked only to imagine the greeting it would get in the school parking lot. So...I guess it's best I don't put them on our car anyway.

By the way, "Don't Blame Me, I Voted for the American" deserves to have his or her car keyed!