Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Holy Line

         C        /B    Am     /G                      Dm                            G
I’m goin’ on a mission, you see God has spoken to me
     C       /B           Am           /G                     Dm           G
I’m gonna do his holy work, gonna save the family
        F                        G                                                           C      /B         Am
I know it’s during the workweek, but I’ll make the sacrifice
             F                                                  G                   F                  G              C
Gonna buy me a chicken sandwich, Dr. Pepper – hold the ice

Thought about working in a shelter, maybe serving up some food
Got to consider my limited resources, and give to the greater good
Gonna get me a chicken sandwich, teach these people what is right
You know it’s just an abomination, holding hands out in plain sight

Gonna get me a chicken sandwich, and answer someone’s prayer
Maybe get a side of waffle fries, just to show that I really care
And I’ll buy a big fat soft drink, at least a quart or two
Just to thumb my nose at the government, yeah, let’s see what they do

Thinkin’ about serving at that soup kitchen, or donating to the poor
Instead I’ll get me some fastfood, make it quicker to Heaven’s door
Or holding babies in a hospital, or reading to kids at school
No, I’ll just get me a chicken burger, my mama didn’t raise no fool

I remember the lessons that I was taught, way back in Sunday School
To love your neighbor just as yourself, and apply the golden rule
But these people are way too different, they’re not like lepers or the poor
And these public displays of affection, GOD they make me sore!

I thought about volunteering, way downtown at the food bank
But instead I’ll buy me some chicken, fill up that old fuel tank
Thought about teaching Sunday school – how Jesus helped the sick
Then I considered the chicken sandwich – pickle?  No pickle? Hard to pick

I’m going on a spiritual retreat, right down to the chicken store
And wind up on the right side, of this nasty culture war
As far as feeding the homeless, I’ll leave that for the others
I’ll go stand in that chicken line, with my holy sisters and brothers


Suzanne Odell said...


Suzanne Odell said...

So many better ways to live out your faith than in a fast food line.

George said...

Fantastic! I'd love to hear you perform this one. I bet its a hoot.

Chris Hass said...

Hey, I'm comment #4. I think you need to write more fast food jingles. Wait, this isn't a jingle. I think some smaller chain (Bojangles?) should have come out in support of gay marriage and had a similar event. I wonder how that would have worked out. I hate the idea of eating fast food to support anything...other than heart disease, high blood pressure, obesity, and skyrocketing cholesterol levels.

I can't wait to hear the song. I still say you should post recordings on here. It'd be both easy and cool.