Friday, December 9, 2011

Newt Gingrich's Plan To Help the Poor - Seriously

OK, no one can say that this was taken out of context.  Mr. Gingrich has doubled down on this a few times when he thought he was among friends.  There is nothing that I can say that would clarify or extend, synthesize or poke fun of this.  Mr. Gingrich is his own worst enemy.  Every other thing he says is just plain nuts.  What do you think?

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Unknown said...

Looks like Newt wants to revolutionize the current tracking system in secondary schools by creating a level even lower than college prep (which is the name recently handed down to remedial courses in hopes of making them sound more challenging and ambitious than they truly are) - the janitorial track. I'd like to say I'm shocked because he's a former educator but I'm not.

I read that Gingrich is the prime focus of all other candidates going into the debate. He's what, the fourth or fifth to gain this attention and scrutiny? The circumstances surrounding Romney's status as the most likely of Republican candidates to survive is both absurd and astonishing.

There's a band I wanted to see tonight and I thought about calling you to see if you were in town and free but they weren't going on until 11:00 and I'm not so certain I could stay up that late!