Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Her is another rerun from my Rwanda blog. After mass with Ganza I was so moved by the hopeful spirit and wonderful direction of Rwanda. It was amazing to me that they could even think beyond their grief. But there was hope - everywhere. Especially in the eyes of children.

I’ve never felt so blessed. I cried throughout most of the mass. Not out loud. For the people of this and all genocides. For the opportunity to travel here. For our lives on this lovely planet. Most of all my prayers of thanks were for you and everything in my life connected with you. My career, our family, our home. I know you probably couldn’t feel it, but in a very real way you were with me in that small, humid brick room where mass was held. You have been with me in my weariness and tears. When I see something beautiful I am reminded of your beauty. When I see children I know how much you would enjoy their smiles.
How can I ever thank you for sending me here?

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