Saturday, May 29, 2010

What I Will Miss

Morning songbirds, announcing their joy at the new day; at being alive

Autumn leaves changing the light, washing the world with crimson and gold

Lightning flashing across a springtime sky, stark, bright, dazzling the night, spearing the darkness

Icy winter river in a midwestern forest, unpredictable, clear, edged with feathered lace

Godlight radiating from a sunset over Lake Michigan waves, bright golden flashes of fire on jade green surf

Night sounds of crickets, cicadas, katydids, spring peepers – the chorus of humid darkness

Apples left hanging heavily and lazily, yellow-gold on a gnarly, generous, old, giving tree

North wind, invisible but for the tops of crested waves and the bending dune grass and stinging cold touch

Transparent, glossy wings of the dragonfly, darting across meadow grasses, hungry, seeking

Morning glories, honeysuckle, wisteria, jasmine, gardenia

Elegant simplicity of a fern as it unfurls, pale green, delicate, to awaken and stand upright among others of its kind

Light through deep green sassafras leaves, dappled and alive on the forest floor

Ancient live oaks with spanish moss beards, spreading, reaching and wise, home for countless others

Northern lights, silvery green curtains of surprise and wonder

Ocean spray from Pacific's crystal waters, green sea turtles, coral, tropical fish, singing sands

Milkweed seeds, floating on silky clouds, fearless seekers of the soil, feeders of magic

Adventurous crows, blue black, swaggering, arguing, intelligent, bold


Travis said...

Hoping this is just good writing and not actually happening?

Chris Hass said...

You did it! You wrote a really nice acrostic poem. Still, I won't expect to see any limericks or list poems anytime soon.

On a more serious note, I'm very glad all is well and that you won't be missing anything anytime soon. I wonder, though, if you're more aware now than you were before. I try my very best to be mindful of taking things in and appreciating them as much as I can. I think writing helps with this. You played a part in getting me to write more so I have you to thank, in part, for this.

Given this, should I do an acrostic poem I'll reserve T for "Tim." As you can tell mine will be far less poetic.

Mary Lee said...

This is a beautiful acrostic! Hope it's not true, but if it is, it's a heartfelt goodbye to what you've loved best!