Wednesday, June 10, 2009

We Love Turtles

Here is a follow up to yesterday's post. These are the song lyrics to an informational song we wrote early last fall. It is so much better when you hear us sing it. It's sort of a rhythm and blues thing.

If you don't know about turtles, you probably should
Some have shells just as hard as wood
Some shells are soft but either way
They keep out predators night and day

Now turtles are reptiles, this we know
When it's cold outside their blood is cold
They have a backbone deep inside
Some are camouflaged so they can hide

TURTLE - they can't leave their shells
TURTLES - they're protected well
TURTLES - their hearts beat slow
TURTLES - can live to be really old

A lot of people think that turtles are slow
But some are quick, yes you should know
Some have flippers and swim in the sea
Some walk the land like you and me

TURTLES - live in ponds and some in lakes
TURTLES - live in oceans for goodness sakes
SOME TURTLES - are peaceful and won't attack
SOME TURTLES - are aggressive, you'd better get back

The "eastern box" has a special shell
It closes with a hinge and protects it well
Snapping turtles can hurt you bad
They have a sharp beak don't make them mad
Terapins live in water and on land
They slide off rocks and walk in sand
The red-eared slider and the yellow-bellly too
If you thought they were tortoises, well that's untrue

TURTLES - some swim and some crawl
TURTLES - some are flat and some are tall
TURTLES - they all lay soft eggs
TURTLES - are reptiles with four legs

They have long necks, they can pull them in
They have scales somewhere on their skin
Turtle shells have two parts to know
The carapace above and the plastron below

We Love Turtles!

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