Saturday, April 11, 2009

Old Song

The other day I went on about a conversation from several years back that pushed me to think more about God.  It was sort of pivotal for me, helping me to come to grips with and think more deeply about our existence and our blessings.  

I wrote this song about six or eight months ago.  Going through my notebook the other day, I stopped and played it and thought how it connected to my last post.  It's not the most awesome song ever written, I'm not even sure that it is all that good, but it is sincere.

Yesterday we went to see a friend's newborn twins.  They were beautiful and sweet and sleepy and burpy.  They smiled and cried, stretched and squeaked.  I had not held a little one in a while and, of course, it was beautiful.  Their smell, their warmth, their newness was just so... God.  Holding them close and realizing their potential to change the world made me think back to our boys as babies.  I love the young men they have become, but I miss those little babies.

From the bright wildflowers
To the starry sky at night
To the sunset in the west 
And every beautiful sight
From the baby's first cry on entering this world
To the lovely musical laughter 
Of every boy and girl

God is there - He hears my prayer
And I am grateful - God is everywhere

From the burning fall colors
Filling up the trees
To the windsong whispering
As it rushes through the leaves
From the mockingbird's joy
Early in the dawn
To the twilight blue
And the mourning dove's sweet song

God is there - He hears my prayer
And I am grateful  - God is everywhere

This old world keeps turning
And spinning round the sun
A plan of perfect motion
Until each year is done
Every wave upon the ocean
Every particle of sand
A gift come down from Heaven
Straight from God's own hand

God is there - He hears my prayer
And I am grateful - God is everywhere

From the colors of the desert
To the bright pastels of spring
To the sparkling crystal snow
And in every living thing
From the rain that falls onto the earth
To the rainbow after the storm
From the music of the waterfall
And the sun that keeps us warm

God is there - He hears my prayer
And I am grateful - God is everywhere

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Brandi said...

I hope you don't mind my reading your blog...I found it because we have a common friend.I used to teach with Walk by Faith. I've also seen videos of you teaching. Your writing and ability to write songs inspires me. I enjoyed reading the song you wrote. And yes...God is everywhere. We just need to open our eyes and ears. We need to open our beings to know He is here.