Sunday, March 8, 2009

Where I'm From II

A couple weeks ago I posted some poems.  First, George Ella Lyon's "Where I'm From".  I met her recently and was inspired by her piece to write my own.  I immediately shared George Ella's poem with my class.  They each wrote their own.  Soon, they will be up on our class' web page.  

Our student teacher Teresa, had the brilliant idea of passing around a digital recorder and recording us reading parts of our poems.  The little recorder went round and round and what came out of this sharing was amazing.  Some of it was funny, some touching, some revealing.  Somehow, that recording didn't work out but we'll do it again.  I can only imagine it will be better next time.  

So this post, this poem, is by guest bloggers, my second grade class.  What follows are little bits of everyone's poems sort of sewn together in a waterfall of words.  

Where I'm From

I am from pass down books from my family members
who all share a great bond of love with me.
I am from Charlotte and Columbia.  I am from after school snacks.
I am from finding small treasures like acorns and rocks.
When I was in my mamma's tummy she would sing to me.
I'm from spaghetti and baked potatoes 
and chocolate cake with milk.
I'm from my crib all soft and fluffy and
I'm from the wild wind blowing.
I'm from a family of rainbow flying high in the air.
I'm from sparkling stars swimming in the darkness.
I live in the country.  I really like my house.  It is big.
I'm from the care and love of sweet friendship.
I'm from playing outside in the soft brown dirt, 
from loving animals big and small.
I'm from jumping on my trampoline.
I'm from the people who live in peace.
I'm a freedom fighter, a peacekeeper, a gentleman.
I'm from a sweet mother.  I'm from a sweet and funny dad.
I'm from happiness late at night.
I'm from basketball and soccer and cheerleading.
I'm from my everlasting Father.  The beat of my heart.
I'm from my soft crib , I'm from my mom's hands.
I'm from writing and reading books.  
I'm from being a big brother at the age of 3 1/4.
I am from science, I am from wonder, I am from love.
I am from Myrtle Beach and Charleston.  I am from my cousins.
I am from reading about sharks and frogs and snakes.
I was born crying and scared.
I'm from games with my dad and cub scouts with my mom 
and wrestling with my brother.
I'm from speed zooming all around me.
I'm from the wildness jumping all inside me.
Running, playing, fun for all, for me, for you.
I'm from my imagination.  I'm from nature and animals.
My friends are nice.  I am lucky to have them.
I'm from the sweet soft baby skin and the family that looks after me.
From making new friends and helping others.
I'm from under the ground, I'm from Heaven, I'm from a dream.
I'm from beads in my hair.  
I am from the sweet flowers that grow in my yard.
I am one who frees the slaves, stops segregation and 
ends the war once and for all.
I am from the war for peace.
I'm from deep in the woods.  I'm from stick fights.
I'm from being a sister.  I'm from being friends.
The love of my family, the sports I play and the 
teachers that teach me.
I'm from the stroller to my first step.
I'm from writer's craft.
I'm from a voice calling out from the wilderness.
I am from the land of magic.
I am from, "Of course it is happening inside my head but 
why should that mean it isn't real?"
I am from riding my bike and exploring outside.
People said that I was sweet and precious but when I would cry
they said I roared like a lion.
I'm from a hospital to a house to a school
to a galaxy of aliens and monsters.
I'm from ideas dashing to my brain.
I'm from dirt in my hair.  I'm from Smarty Pants Land.
I'm from smiling every day.  I'm from singing like crazy.
I'm from having freedom to do whatever I want to do.
I'm from a heart of joy and love.
I'm from chasing my beloved dog.  
I'm from fights with cats to kissing them.
I'm from friends, without them I would die.
I'm from the sweet sour taste of oranges.
I'm from the glow of good, the glow of peace,
the glow of light, the glow of wonder, the glow of life.
I'm from finding shells on the beach with my family.
I'm from the smokey Tennessee mountains.
I'm from the dreams I see in my sleep.
I'm from learning new things every day.
I'm from ink on paper to the middle of the woods.
 I'm from hugs and smiles and singing.
But most importantly, I'm from God!
I am from being me! 

Thanks again, George Ella!

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