Friday, January 2, 2009

New Years Resolutions

When I was younger I used to go crazy with my resolutions list.  I had categories, right?  Health, Spiritual, Work, Relationships, etc.  Heidi thought I was  a little nuts.  Probably I was.  Then I went the other way.  For years I thought resolutions at the New Year were silly.  Why not have May 24 resolutions?  Why not June 21?  I put it all behind me in favor of a one-day-at-a-time view of resolutions.  That works too, right?  No time like the present.  Every day starts anew.  That kind of thing.

This morning I was reading the people page of the newspaper (hey, I'm on vacation).  There was a list of celebrities (many of which I have honestly never heard of) and their resolutions.

Fergie (singer, right?) wants to eat healthier - "eat more raw".  Makes sense.  Carmen Electra (model?  actress? singer?) wants to have more fun.  That sounds like a worthwhile goal.  Sencer Pratt (???) wants to stop eating pizza every day.  That can't be good for you.  Brittney Spears (OK, I have heard of her) wants to stop worrying so much.  Definintely a good idea.  Coolio (rapper?) wants to live off of other people as the economy is so bad.  Logical.

So, once again, I thought I'd give it a try.  It turned out to be sort of a stream of consciousness list of things to do more and things to do less.  They are in no special order and there is lots overlap.  It was cathartic.

*Pray more
*Trust more
*Love more
*Care more
*Laugh more
*Cherish the time with my boys - they won't be boys for long
*Whine less
*Waste less
*Want less
*Read more
*Write more
*Play more guitar
*Learn more
*Act less like a know-it-all
*Talk less
*Listen more
*Follow the commandments
*Make more friends
*Appreciate the friends I have
*Stay in touch better with old friends
*Seek to understand - not judge
*Be more curious
*Laugh more
*Cry more
*Feel more
*Be more careful about the feelings of others
*Eat more good
*Eat less crap
*Change what I can
*Stop beating myself up for things I can't change
*Take things more lightly, but...
*Stand up and fight for what I know is right
*Work harder
*Relax more completely
*Be in the woods more
*Pet my dog more
*Tell my students I love them more often
*Cherish the time with my folks, my siblings, my nieces and nephews
*Forgive more
*Apologize more
*Count my blessings more
*Share my blessings more

I still am very much of the view that we are the masters of our own destiny, that just making a list won't change things.  But it is a nice place to begin, a nice way to think about change.  

Happy New Year.

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